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At Drums Auto Services, we recognise how important it is to keep your car in good working order so you can take leisurely drives. Our wide range of car repair Abu Dhabi services ensures that your car receives the proper care by covering both major and minor repairs. Whether you need simple maintenance or intricate repairs, our staff of qualified specialists is available to give you the best possible care.

Premium Auto Repair

We are one of the leading auto garages in Abu Dhabi who deliver end-to-end solutions so that your car performs its best. Some of our minor services are tailored to meet critical services your vehicle needs. This includes:

Our team of experts are available for car repair in Abu Dhabi and work hard to ensure high-quality services so your car is always safe and running efficiently. Call us at +971 50 946 6200 to book a consultation today…!!!!

Major Services for Your Vehicle with Our Leading Auto Repair in Abu Dhabi

When it comes to auto repair in Abu Dhabi, Drums Auto Services has you covered. Our major offerings encompass an extensive range of approaches to deal with more extensive troubles along with your vehicle. These may additionally encompass:

Rest assured that our crew will diagnose any issues correctly and provide effective answers to get you lower back on the street competently.

Why Choose Drums Auto Services for Your Vehicle Solutions?

When you pick Drums Auto Services for your auto repair in Abu Dhabi, you are choosing excellence and reliability. Here’s why we stand out:

Auto Repair in abu dhabi
  • Expert Technicians: Our team consists of distinctly skilled technicians who’re skilled to handle all forms of automobile upkeep with precision and care.
  • Advanced Equipment: We utilize modern day diagnostic tools and system to ensure correct exams and green upkeep.
  • Quality Parts: We source most effective the very best exceptional parts from relied on producers, ensuring that your car gets the satisfactory components to be had.
  • Clean and Comfortable Waiting Area: While your car is being serviced, unwind in our spotless, cosy space, equipped with amenities to ensure the best possible experience.

For all of your car repair Abu Dhabi, put your trust in Drums Auto Services. Get in touch with us today to schedule a meeting or learn more about our services.


The cost of car repair Abu Dhabi depends mainly on the nature and extend of the repairs needed. The total cost is affected by a number of factors, including labour expenses, the cost of spare parts, and the difficulty of the problem. It's best to get advice from a trustworthy auto garage in Abu Dhabi like Drums Auto Service Center for an exact quote.

<p>The most expensive auto repairs are typically those involving major engine overhauls, gearbox replacements, and intricate electronic system problems. Moreover, repairs requiring expensive or foreign auto parts could raise the price tag.</p>

The complexity of the problem determines how long auto repair in Abu Dhabi will take. While significant repairs or overhauls may require several days to perform, minor services and routine maintenance can be finished in a few hours. An approximate time frame will be given by your auto repair service provider.

In Abu Dhabi, a car inspection is usually valid for a year. Renewing the vehicle inspection once a year is crucial to maintaining roadworthiness and making sure local laws are followed.

In most cars, the engine and gearbox are the costliest parts to fix or replace. These important parts are difficult to repair and have a significant impact on the vehicle's performance.

Due to things like production costs, brand reputation, and the intricacy of today's car technology, auto spare parts can be pricey. Furthermore, the cost of imported or specialty parts may be higher. Contact one of the best auto garage in Abu Dhabi to know more.

The type of repairs your car needs will determine how long it will be in the shop. More involved repairs could take several days, while minor procedures might only take a few hours. Based on the work required, your auto repair service provider will offer you with an approximate time period.