Vehicle Inspection Center in Abu Dhabi

Trust Our Professional Vehicle Inspection Center in Abu Dhabi to Ensure Your Travelling Safety

Drums Auto Services is committed to imparting thorough vehicle inspection services that guarantee the dependability, safety, and compliance of your car. We offer complete inspections that gives you confidence and peace of thoughts even as riding thanks to our revel in and attention to element.

To meet your needs, we offer a number of car inspection offerings, consisting of coverage inspection, every year automobile inspection, and pre-buy inspection. Our certified professionals very well look into your automobile to discover any problems, actual or imagined, so you can make nicely-knowledgeable selections about renovation and operation.

Types of Vehicle Inspections Available in Drums Auto

We offer a range of inspection services tailored to your needs, including:

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Comprehensive inspection of a vehicle before purchase to identify any existing or potential issues.

Annual Vehicle Inspection

Regular inspection to ensure that your vehicle meets safety and regulatory standards for continued operation on the road.

Insurance Inspection

Inspection required by insurance companies to assess the condition of the vehicle and determine insurance coverage.

Why Vehicle Inspection is Important:

For a number of reasons, including safety, insurance coverage, legal compliance, environmental protection, and breakdown prevention, vehicle inspection is essential. It helps prevent breakdowns by proactively addressing mechanical issues, it enforces emission standards to protect the environment, it helps adhere to legal regulations to avoid fines, it validates insurance coverage by confirming the vehicle’s condition and safety standards, and it protects drivers and passengers by identifying potential hazards. 

Requirements of Vehicle Inspection in Abu Dhabi

Every year, cars older than three years old in Abu Dhabi must undergo an examination. Drivers must to go to accredited car testing facilities that have been certified by the appropriate authorities. Drivers should bring their Emirates ID, vehicle registration card, and any other necessary paperwork or permits when they go for an inspection. The vehicle’s suspension, tyres, brakes, lighting, and emissions are all evaluated during the inspection. A passing certificate is given if the car passes the inspection, allowing it to continue being registered and used legally. To guarantee compliance and safety on the road, remedies for concerns found must be addressed if the car fails the inspection, and a re-inspection must take place within a certain amount of time.

What Happens During the Inspection?

Abu Dhabi’s vehicle inspection procedure entails a number of processes to make sure that cars adhere to safety and legal requirements. Drivers provide their Emirates ID, vehicle registration card, and any additional necessary paperwork at an authorised vehicle testing centre. After that, a thorough inspection of the car is performed, during which a number of parts are checked, including the tyres, suspension, brakes, lights, and emissions. Accurately determining the state of the car may be possible with the use of sophisticated diagnostic tools. The vehicle is granted a passing certificate, which attests to its compliance with safety and legal standards, if it passes the inspection. On the other hand, drivers are informed if any problems are found during the inspection, and these problems need to be fixed.

The car is inspected again after repairs are finished to make sure that all issues have been fixed. This stringent procedure contributes to a safer driving environment for all by ensuring the dependability and safety of cars on Abu Dhabi’s roadways.

Vehicle Inspection

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  • Expertise: Certified technicians conduct thorough inspections, providing honest evaluations.
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  • If you are looking for vehicle inspection center in Abu Dhabi, trust the experts at Drums Auto Service. 

Drums Auto Services ensures your vehicle meets safety and regulatory standards in Abu Dhabi. Contact us today to schedule your inspection appointment.


In Abu Dhabi, a car inspection certificate is usually good for a year. In order to adhere to the rules established by the vehicle inspection centre Abu Dhabi, it is imperative that the inspection be renewed prior to its expiration.

The cost of a car inspection in Abu Dhabi varies based on the kind of car and the inspection facility. It is advisable to inquire about the current fee with the appropriate vehicle inspection centre in order to obtain the most accurate information.

During a vehicle inspection conducted by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), a number of factors are carefully checked, such as the safety features of the vehicle, emissions, lights, brakes, and tyres. The inspection guarantees roadworthiness and compliance with the RTA's safety regulations in Abu Dhabi.

Yes, in Abu Dhabi, car inspections are required. Making sure that cars on the road adhere to safety and pollution regulations is an essential requirement. According to the rules of the vehicle inspection centre Abu Dhabi, routine checks support environmental preservation and road safety.

The owner of a car who fails the RTA test is typically given a deadline to fix any problems that are found. The car can be retested at the RTA inspection centre to receive a passing certificate after the required repairs are finished.

Tyres that are over six years old are commonly noted during an RTA inspection. The purpose of this age restriction is to guarantee that tyres, an essential safety feature, are in good working order. Respecting this limit adds to the total safety requirements that the RTA in Abu Dhabi has established.

Regardless of tread depth, tyres are usually deemed to have expired six years after the date of manufacturing. It is advised to replace tyres within this period in order to maintain road safety and adhere to the RTA's regulations.

In order to alter the colour of your car in Abu Dhabi, you must get permission from the appropriate authorities. Usually, the procedure include putting in an application, supplying the relevant paperwork, and getting the approvals from the Abu Dhabi car inspection centre.

During vehicle inspection centre Abu Dhabi, a number of important components are carefully inspected, such as the lights, brakes, suspension, tyres, steering, emissions, and general state of the car. The purpose of these inspections is to verify that the vehicle inspection centre in Abu Dhabi's safety regulations are being followed.

An automobile's lifespan varies according to usage, maintenance, and road conditions. Many hundred thousand kilometres can be driven on well-maintained cars before key parts need to be replaced. A vehicle's lifespan is influenced by timely repairs and routine maintenance, as advised by the vehicle inspection centre.