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Car Engine Repair in Abu Dhabi

The Car Engine Repair in Abu Dhabi – Musaffah. Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience in repairing any car engine; Mechanical or Electrical Repair, Rebuild complete engine, Programming, Overheating Issues, Repair Engine Oil Leakage, Coolant Leak Repair, and much more. Call us now for a free inspection and car engine repair in Abu Dhabi.

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Cost Saving

Avoid costly engine repairs with regular maintenance.


Good Safety

Improve your engine health by preventive measures and maintenance.


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Dedicated to provide the best and easy customer support.


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We are dedicated to doing the job correctly, the first time.

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All parts are guaranteed genuine & original

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We believe quality service is good business

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We also offer free car delivery at your place

All vehicles require maintenance and services, and Drums Auto Service Center is one of the best auto service garages in Abu Dhabi. Our expert team ensures your car is maintained and serviced to the highest standards with maximum satisfaction. We use modern equipment and tools for all kinds of services.

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Why Choose Us for your Engine Repair Abu Dhabi?

Drums Auto Service is your reliable choice if you are looking for engine repair in Abu Dhabi. We are committed to providing you with top-notch engine repair services. Here are some of the reasons why we are choosing us:

  • Expert technicians: Our team of highly skilled technicians in Abu Dhabi are experts in identifying and fixing any engine issues so that your vehicle’s heart is in good hands.
  • Advanced equipment: We invest in state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment to accurately assess and efficiently repair your engine, saving you time and money.
  • Quality Maintenance: We use high-quality replacement parts and abide by the best practices to ensure long-lasting and reliable engine repairs.
  • Transparent service: We clearly communicate with you and maintain absolute transparency. You will get clear explanations of the service we provide and get an estimate before we start any repairs.
  • Customer support: We provide 24/7 assistance so no matter where you are in Abu Dhabi, we are ready to serve you.
What is included in our Engine Repair Services?
  • Diagnostics: Our skilled experts use state-of-the-art equipment to check any engine issues.
  • Engine overhaul: Be it small adjustments or big overhauls, we will handle all aspects of engine repair.
  • Component replacement: We address damaged engine components like belts, hoses, and gaskets.
  • Fuel system maintenance: We ensure your fuel system operates optimally, promoting efficient combustion and better performance.
  • Exhaust System Repair: We repair and replace exhaust components to maintain emissions compliance and engine efficiency.
  • Cooling system service: We keep your engine at the right temperature by repairing and maintaining the cooling system.

FAQ Plan

The extent and type of the problem determine how long engine repair will take. While more involved repairs, like an engine overhaul, can take several days, minor repairs might be completed in a few hours. Depending on the necessary repairs, your auto service company can tell you a precise time estimate.

When the damage is too great, too widespread, or too expensive to restore, an engine may be deemed beyond repair. A fractured engine block, severe internal damage, or an irreparably damaged crankshaft are a few examples.

As long as the replacement engine meets local laws and pollution rules, changing an engine is generally permissible in the UAE. Making sure the replacement is completed in accordance with the law and environmental regulations is crucial.

The amount of the damage, the cost of repairs, and the general state of the vehicle all play a role in the decision of whether to replace or engine repair Abu Dhabi. It could sometimes be less expensive to replace the engine than to make lengthy repairs.

An engine's lifespan is contingent upon various elements, including upkeep, driving conditions, and general care. Engines can live far over 200,000 miles if they are properly maintained, but neglect or heavy use might limit their life.

A car engine's lifespan is influenced by timely oil changes, routine maintenance, good cooling system care, and swift problem-solving. It is essential for engine health to adhere to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance regimen.

When engines operate without oil for even a few minutes, they can suffer significant harm. Increased heat and friction from a lack of lubrication can cause components to seize and perhaps cause irreversible damage.

An engine shouldn't be left without oil. Friction builds up in the absence of adequate lubrication, which can quickly cause wear and damage. To avoid engine damage, it's critical to solve the problem as soon as oil leaks occur. Get help from the best engine repair Abu Dhabi.

The degree and position of a crack determine whether or not it can be repaired in an engine. While severe or serious cracks may require engine replacement, other cracks can be fixed with specialist procedures from the engine repair Abu Dhabi.

The combustion process, heat, and friction all cause wear and tear on engines over time. Seals may erode, parts may wear out, and overall efficiency may drop. Frequent maintenance helps resolve these problems and increase engine longevity.

An engine may have cracks in the cylinder heads, engine block, or other important elements, among other parts. Overheating, stress, or flaws in the manufacturing process can all cause cracks. Severe cracks might jeopardise engine integrity and cause coolant or oil leaks.

The degree of damage and the cost of repairs determine whether or not to repair an engine block. Repairing a fractured engine block might be possible in certain situations, but it's important to evaluate the engine's overall health and take long-term dependability and cost into account. Contact us now and get help from the engine repair Abu Dhabi today.