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Wheel Alignment in Abu Dhabi

Musaffah Premium quality wheel alignment in Abu Dhabi. We offer a comprehensive tire service. Change your car tires and get a free car health check and computer diagnostics at the Drums Auto Service Center. If the wheels are out of alignment, it can cause sideways pulling, steering wheel vibration, and uneven tire wear. Properly aligned wheels have the following benefits: Save on expensive repairs. Good grip and good tire control. Extends tire life. Our service for wheel balancing in Abu Dhabi include tire change, wheel alignment, tire rotation, check tire pressure, tire inflation, tire nitrogen, tire pressure, tire fitting, tire sensor replacement and Includes programming, Alloygator rim protection. If you are looking for wheel balancing service in Abu Dhabi, we are there for you

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At Drums Auto Service, we provide you top-notch wheel balancing services in Abu Dhabi. We also help with wheel alignment services. Here are some of the reasons why we are the best. But before that, read on to know all about wheel alignment and wheel balancing.

Sign of Poor wheel alignment and unbalanced wheels

Some of common signs are:

  • Uneven tire wear due to imbalance of tires
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel
  • Vehicle steering on to one side because of poor alignment
  • Difficulty in keeping control while driving
  • Excessive noise in tires
  • Reduced fuel efficiency due to increase in rolling resistance

Wheel Balancing and alignment at best price

We know the need to maintain aligned wheels for a smooth and seamless ride. Our prices are competitive and we ensure that you get the best value for our wheel alignment services.

Computerized wheel alignment

We use computerized technology to give you precise wheel alignment in Abu Dhabi. This way we ensure that your vehicle’s wheels are aligned perfectly for an even tire wear and improved driving.

Why choose us for wheel alignment and balancing of your vehicle?

Here are some of the reasons why we are the best:

  • Skilled technicians: Our team of technicians are experts in wheel alignment and balancing. They guarantee precision balancing services.
  • Modern tools and equipment: We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide efficient and precise wheel alignment and balancing.
  • Transparent service: We believe in clear communication and hence give you clear-cut explanation of our work along with the cost estimate so that you can decide accordingly.
  • Customer satisfaction: We strive to keep you happy and that’s why we work diligently to ensure that your vehicle’s wheels in optimum condition.

Choose Drums Auto Service for wheel alignment and balancing and feel the difference in your vehicle’s performance. We are committed to quality and customer service which is what makes us the best choice in Abu Dhabi. Call us at +971 50 946 6200 to know more.


The kind of vehicle and the service provider can have an impact on the price of a wheel alignment Abu Dhabi. Wheel alignment costs can range from several hundred to more than a thousand dirhams on average. For exact costs, get in touch with a reliable wheel alignment provider.

Wheel balancing Abu Dhabi ought to be done if you observe uneven tyre wear, vibrations or swaying of the steering wheel. It's also advised to balance the wheels after any severe collision that can impair balance, or after installing new tyres.

Ensuring a uniform weight distribution between the tyre and wheel assembly is the main goal of wheel balancing. This reduces vibrations, improves tyre performance, and makes driving in Abu Dhabi safer and more comfortable.

Yes, if wheel balancing is not done by qualified experts with the right tools, it might be done wrong. Handling issues, uneven tyre wear, and vibrations can all be caused by unbalanced wheels. For precise results, use an established wheel balancing service in Abu Dhabi.

Wheel alignment Abu Dhabi normally takes between thirty and sixty minutes. The amount of time may differ depending on the car in question and the sort of alignment that is required. An estimate from a qualified technician can be more precise.

Wheel alignment and wheel balancing Abu Dhabi are separate processes, yet they are connected. Over time, misaligned wheels can cause uneven tyre wear and handling problems by throwing off the alignment of the car. For best results, it is important to take care of both wheel alignment and balance.

To guarantee consistent performance, a car should ideally have all of its tyres balanced. To provide consistent weight distribution and a more comfortable ride, all tyres should be balanced, even if just one or two are replaced.

It is standard procedure to check and adjust tyres once they have been rotated. By addressing weight variations brought on by tyre wear, this promotes even tyre wear and preserves peak performance.

To remove unequal weight distribution in the tyre and wheel system, wheel balancing is required. This lessens vibrations, encourages uniform tyre wear, enhances overall driving comfort in Abu Dhabi, and improves vehicle control.

The number of kilometres driven is not the only element that affects wheel alignment Abu Dhabi; other considerations include driving conditions, road quality, and vehicle usage. To quickly correct misalignments, it is advised to check wheel alignment frequently, particularly if you observe steering problems.

The most accurate wheel alignment systems are those that use computers or laser guidance. To guarantee ideal wheel alignment Abu Dhabi, these cutting-edge tools give experts exact measurements and enable them to make minuscule modifications.

Utilising specialised equipment to determine the angles of the wheels with respect to the vehicle's structure, wheel alignment Abu Dhabi is examined. Alignment machines are used by skilled professionals to precisely measure and modify alignment angles.

The term "normal alignment" describes the wheels being correctly adjusted in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. It entails adjusting the wheel angles (camber, caster, and toe) to guarantee the best possible tyre contact with the road and safe driving in Abu Dhabi.